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Flawless Center for Cosmetic Medicine

The Flawless Corporation founded in 2004, provides products, procedures and services in the specialty areas of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine. Dr. Tinsley, the lead physician, is a Plastic Surgeon and clinical skin care researcher. In addition to the traditional Plastic surgery services such as liposuction, Dr. Tinsley has developed several products and procedures available exclusively at Flawless; the Chicago Butt Lift, 3phase Laser Liposculpture, the Flawless 30 day Totalbody Detox, the Flawless Totalbody Weight Loss Program, Flawless by Dr. Tinsley Skin Care and Flawless Mole Removal are just a few.

Flawless Mole Removal, invented by Dr. Tinsley is scarless, painless and permanent

Flawless Mole Removal is the pride and joy of Dr. Tinsley's career as a skin researcher. Although he treats all ethnic groups this procedure was developed specifically to treat the moles that commonly run in Black families. His technique has been featured on Television as a medical miracle. It literally treats hundreds of moles per minute and avoids the typical complications asociated with other methods such as laser, cutting or freezing. The process begins by scheduling an orientation


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InsiteLab Advisors

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Naperville Cosmetic Medicine

To provide excellence in skin care and services, using quality products and procedures. No two persons are treated alike; your induividuality is our priority. Providing treatments with up to date skills and knowledge. Visit site

The 312 Plan

The 312 Plan is a7-week weight loss boot camp its a 1 hour nutrition based program that includes instructional (boot camp style) exercise the class meets 3xs per week!... You will learn the 5 w's of nutrition. Not only will you lose the weight but you will be taught how to keep it off for lasting success! Each participant will receive a journal to log progress, weight loss secrets and to keep inspirational quotes handy for reference between classes and afterward to keep you on track. Visit site

Flawless Center for Cosmetic Medicine
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